Business Consulting

Novus business consulting services are tailored for a wide-range of industries in the private sector. We help companies grow their business, develop business plans, find financing options for new business ventures, optimize operations and business processes, define enterprise strategies, and maximize profits.

Our consultants help clients make informed decisions by providing up-to-date and accurate market research and market analyses. We try to integrate market research throughout our business planning process. We believe that understanding the market and employing effective marketing strategies for select market segments is key to business growth and the bottom line. Our market research ultimately aims at making our clients more agile and adaptive to constantly changing markets.

Public Policy

Government policies facilitate economic development and improve social welfare. Novus Consulting seeks to partner with government institutions to improve policymaking. Our consultants advise decision-makers on developing, assessing and implementing effective public policies. They employ evidence-based policy making techniques to analyze the impact of policies on all stakeholders, communities, and on economic sustainability in general.


Novus has in-house IT expertise, including system developers and e-governance experts, and has only recently undertaken a World Bank feasibility study on e-governance, assessing all of the government current systems and applications, as well as proposing solutions, recommendations and the way forward. Novus currently employs ten (10) IT experts: back-end developers, front-end developers, quality assurance engineers and software engineers. Our experts have excessive experience in e-procurement and e-governance.

Potential areas of partnership with Novus IT sector are:

  1. Greenfield and Brownfield Software Engineering
  2. Cloud Consulting Services
  3. Business Intelligence
Research & Analytics

Institutions and companies need insight, data and perspective on markets, economics, and public policy. Novus provides research and analytics services to clients through project-based consulting and retained advisory services. Our consultants are equipped with the skills and expertize to collect, organize, and analyze big data for companies and institutions.

We employ quantitative research methods, including econometric research, surveying, statistical analysis, conjoint analysis, and financial modeling. Furthermore, we always attempt to validate quantitative data with qualitative research methods, whenever possible, with focus groups and in-depth individual interviews for a wide range of research topics.

Financial Analysis and Due Diligence

Powerful custom Mega Menu plugin lets you create fantastic menusOur financial analysis service is aimed at existing companies that need to identify their areas of growth, areas of improvement, and sources of investment. We examine the financial health of existing businesses or analyze specific investment projects. Managers and executives ought to be provided with comprehensive financial analysis to make informed business strategy and investment decisions. We help them with the following services:

  • Analyze trends in key growth areas
  • Identify key profitability services/products
  • Benchmarking against industry averages
  • Develop cost saving strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Identify sources of funding

Recent projects:

Clients and Partners

Ministria e Kultures Rinise dhe Sportit
SSD Consulting
ASK Foods
Hib Petrol
Penn Schoen Berland
British Council
Gentli shoes
Klubi i prodhuesve
Perpetual Solutions


0 Agricultural businesses learned about planning their business and finance
0 Young entrepreneurs received start up funding
0 Information centers for farmers established throughout Kosovo
0 More than 300 youth gained experience interning for over 80 companies across Kosovo
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