Novus is a Kosovo-based company with the mission to provide professional and high-quality consultancy services and technology solutions to its clients in the private and public sectors alike. We strive to implement a collaborative approach to solving client problems, by bringing together top-notch international and local talent. We aim to help clients achieve a considerable and lasting impact.

Novus helps clients in diverse industries grow their business, develop strategies and implement projects. We can achieve our mission only with our dedicated consultants who bring diverse professional and academic backgrounds. Our consultants share a deep commitment to our clients and the strong desire to work with them to have an influence and provide a greater benefit to society.

Novus is managed by a group of young Kosovar experts with postgraduate education in fields that include economics, business, and finance. In addition to their superior education, Novus’ experts bring extensive Kosovar and international experience in project management, start-up business development, management consulting, financial analysis and auditing, banking, capacity building, service management, human resource management, political campaigning, and public opinion polling.


Our values guide our work and interaction with clients.

We strive to:

  • Demonstrate integrity, trust and respect,

  • Bring value to our clients by providing high-quality and professional services and solutions,

  • Have a positive impact on our clients as well as the society, and

  • Integrate a collaborative approach in our work with clients.