Novus has in-house IT expertise, including system developers and e-governance experts, and has only recently undertaken a World Bank feasibility study on e-governance, assessing all of the government current systems and applications, as well as proposing solutions, recommendations and the way forward.

In this study Novus analyzed all the currently used IT systems in all government sectors – ministries and its subdivisions, a total of 31 sectors. Moreover, it proposed recommendations for ways to improve the system interoperability and each system on its own based on in depth analyses and international best practices. That said, Novus is familiar with all the existing e-governance problems in the current government systems and has a clear viewpoint of the steps that ought to be taken to address them.

Novus currently employs ten (10) IT experts: back-end developers, front-end developers, quality assurance engineers and software engineers. Our experts haveexcessive experience in e-procurement and e-governance.

Novus IT Solutions offers services that give businesses flexibility and helps them optimize business processes for maximum efficiency and stimulate IT infrastructures to be both resilient and robust. IT services offered by Novus can be clustered in the following fields:

Greenfield and Brownfield Software Engineering
Novus team has designed and developed a number of software systems from scratch, guided by both agile and plan-based software processes. Moreover, due to the diversity in experience of our team members, we are well-versed in a wide spectrum of technology stacks and platforms, such as Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, and NodeJS.

Besides designing systems from scratch, our team has had their fair share of experience working on currently existing systems, by developing new features and integrations.

Cloud Consulting Services –
Novus’s Cloud consulting services help businesses in enhancing customer experience, accelerating business outcomes and building future ready capabilities. Novus has had experience with setting up cloud systems for a number of projects, such as Entromy, FRT Services, MANA Card, and ForexAnalytix.
Our experience mostly lies in working with Amazon Web Services, and specifically, with services such as Amazon ElasticBeanstalk, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon S3.

Business Intelligence
Novus team is actively involved in building Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for different business domains ranging from government solutions to open data analysis.

Our BI services enable businesses to extract knowledge and wisdom from unprocessed information to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework, thereby empowering them to take timely intelligent decisions. They facilitate businesses to perform management that drives and improves the business and discovers hidden trends.

Our experience lays mostly in the following data management stacks: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.